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Wrr November Newsletter 2019
At The Last Meeting: The county added another 600 miles of funded trail this year, which balances the 600 miles lost through GPSing. The county is still looking for helpers interested in helping to teach snowmobile safety classes. There will be a snowmobile safety class at the Portage Rod and Gun Club December 3rd-12th every Tuesday and Thursday. The next COUNTY snowmobile club meeting will be 11/21 at Mojos in Cambria at 7:30. The County Christmas Party will be 12/19 at Johnson’s Sales in Arlington Groomers still need maintenance, Chad, Jeff and others will be working on that. Gary went to a Park and Rec meeting regarding the trail through Portage to Pizza Hut/Tamarak. That council would prefer we ride the side of the levee. It has been approved by the Park and Rec council and from there will go to the Common Council, this month or next. Nut Sale is still going on!! Order yours! Spread the word! We will not have a specific trail signing day, the individual trail bosses will coordinate help as they need it. 50th Anniversary Celebration – November 9th 5pm-8pm meet at 4pm for set up. Our next meeting will be December 2nd at the groomer shed at 7:30pm
Published: January 10th, 2020
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