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Columbia County Association of Snowmobile Clubs
Meeting minutes for September 29, 2007

Harlan called the meeting to order on September 29, 2007 at Kelly’s Bar, Lost Lake
Clubs Present: Arlington, Cambria, Columbus Fall River, Doylestown, Randolph, Rocky Run, Winnebago, Yellow Thunder
Clubs absent: Camper Country, New Haven

MMS&C to approve the secretary’s report from August 18, 2007

MMS&C to approve the treasurer’s report stating a balance of $9934.95 as of 9-27-07

A representative from the Grass drag event was present to discuss the needs for the race to be held on Saturday, October 20, 2007. Help is needed on Friday the 19th to set up the tent and fencing. The County Association has volunteered to sell the food for the event with proceeds going to the CCASC. Each club is asked to provide volunteers to help through out the day. Food will be served from 9am-6pm or later if the food holds out. Any one who helps in the food tent will get free entry to the races, normally a $5 admission. Help will be needed starting from 7am on Saturday. A committee of Deb, Betsy and Jennifer will get the food for the race and all misc. items.
MMS&C to pay a minimum of $100 and a max of $200 toward the price of the tent rental. We will have our food stand under the tent also.

Deb Levey gave a brief report-
We need to get our contact list updated if you haven’t already
No new director’s information to update us about
AWSC is saving approximately $20,000 by not printing the commercial sponsor section in every
month’s magazine

MMS&C to support Miss Columbia County Snowflake as we have in the past

Al Kaltenberg is still missing contracts from most of the clubs, get them to Al asap.

We were sent a certificate of appreciation for our contribution of $500 to the Lake States Assoc. from F.A.R.T.S. tee shirt sales

November meeting is the 15th at Lockwood’s Long shot (old Mr. G’s) is Arlington
December meeting is the 20th at Dorothy’s Rainbow Inn in Otsego
January meeting is the 24th at Pauquette Pines in Poynette
February meeting is the 28th at Edgewater in Cambria
March meeting is the 27th at Johnson Sales if Greg is gone on vacation

Map ads need to be turned in now, the drop dead date is 10-27-07. Each club needs to mark out a map with their trails and any changes as well and bring to the October county meeting.

Need to get the FARTS t-shirts to the grass drags for sale at the food stand.

Harley will take the county raffle tickets to the grass drags to sell also. Everyone please take some and sell them for the fundraiser.

Each club needs to bring in their contact info for the person in their club who opens or closes their trails.
Also an updated list of landowners is needed by the November meeting.

Upcoming events-
Arlington Fall Fling is 10-19-07 and tickets are still available
Yellow Thunder has their raffle tickets available also, drawing on 11-13-07

MMS&C to adjourn at 8:55

Respectfully submitted,
Gary Schoppenhorst, Secretary CCASC

Published: October 4th, 2007
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