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Aug Ccasc Meeting
CCASC Meeting Minutes
August 28th, 2010
Marv and Betty Telvick’s

The meeting was called to order by President Gary Tupper. Seven clubs were present with Camper Country, New Haven, and Randolph being absent.

MMSP to approve the minutes of the March 24th, 2010 meeting at Johnson Sales in Arlington.

MMSP to approve the financial report as presented showing a balance of $7,870.16.

County Liaison Report – Al reminded all clubs to cash their maintenance checks in order to get the clubs’ books to balance out. In regards to the state supplemental funding, the county is looking for some missing information from certain clubs. Al will let those clubs know who still need to turn this information in. There doesn’t seem to be much of chance for supplemental funding this year but we will know after January 1st what does get approved once the audits are done. The supplemental is now prorated because there is only so much money in funding. Most of the money is being used for bridges, which are very costly. Another reminder to get contracts into Al ASAP. Al also thanked everyone for all the letters and cards. He greatly appreciated them.

AWSC Report given by Director Deb Levey. Deb thanked everyone who helped with Legislation Day. Over 400 people showed up.

A special thanks was also given to everyone who volunteered at the Outdoor Expo. It was a great experience to tell people about snowmobiling. Many questions were asked about snowmobiling, from both those who have snowmobiled and those who have not, and great answers were given. $500 was given to sponsor from the AWSP. The date for next year’s Outdoor Expo will be May 18th-19th, 2011.

The Youth Euchre Night is covered for prizes. More to be covered by Trevor.

The highway development was addressed. Regarding the Hwy 60 development, a contact list for all of our snowmobile clubs was given to Dodge Engineering. They will be in contact regarding the bridge crossing in Sauk. A reminder to read the notice and not just toss it. Look at it and read it. ?

A stakeholders’ meeting was held Wednesday August 25th. Only about 50 people were expected to show up but over 100 people came. The snowmobilers who attended the meeting and voiced their opinions were greatly appreciated. At the meeting it was discussed whether Sauk would to keep the railroad access or if they should hand it over to snowmobilers, ATV riders, etc. The businesses in Sauk want to keep the railroad open for transporting corn. However, the expenses to get the rail system going is roughly $300,000. A future meeting will follow, though no date has been set.

The minutes from the June 25th, 2010 AWSC Director’s Meeting were handed out. The AWSC is looking for someone to stand up and do sign language at the meetings. We now have a club for deaf snowmobilers! ? If you are interested or know someone who is, let Deb or Doug Johnson know. Some other items discussed from the Director’s Meeting was the workshop in October by Dave Newman regarding the ISC (more information to follow), the Blue Ribbon Coalition, the possible change in AWSC by-laws regarding cell phone, camera, etc. usage during meetings(future thought for our clubs as well), the CAP program, and the 2013 ISC hosted in Green Bay. A reminder to clubs to check out the new AWSC Facebook page (Friends AWSC). Anyone planning to do a safety class should join the Facebook page. Don’t forget to post your snowmobile club on the page as well. There are now mandatory classes for recertification for safety instruction. It was discussed that this would be required every other year. Lastly, the AWSC is looking for a new Miss Snowflake. The ages are 16-21 at the time of the pageant and they must be paid members of a club.

Youth Report given by Trevor Levey. The Youth will be hosting a Euchre Night (more information to follow). The Youth Reps will also be doing a Food Drive held the weekend of the Fall Workshop (Oct 22, 23, and 24). Nonperishable food is being collected. Food can be given to either Trevor or his grandma. No clothes will be collected this year. The youth meetings will now be held the night before the regular meetings (Friday night not Saturday morning) to allow the youth to attend the other meetings. Reimbursement for the workshop for Trevor was also discussed.

Scholarships were awarded to Tracy Brozek and Derek Underdahl. Congratulations to both of them.

Old Business- A special thanks was given to the outgoing officers including John, Harley, and Peggy.

No current update by Steve Pate on the Memorial Park until September.

No news on maps yet as John Falter could not attend the meeting.

New Business- Donna sent out an email reminding clubs to sell AWSC commercial sponsorships as it helps bring money to the clubs.

A reminder to keep club membership information going to AWSC.

Small equipment rates have been raised for next season. They will appear on the DOT list so keep an eye out for them.

Get AWSC donations for scholarships into Trevor, Deb, Ruth, or Gary. Be sure to keep track of the charity forms.

The calendar for the CCASC meetings has been set:

September 23rd- Sidetracked (Between Portage and Wis Dells- Hwy 16)
October 28th- Crestwood (Portage)
November 18th- Mo Jo’s in Cambria (Old Edgewater)
December 16th- Dorothy’s Rainbow
January 27th- Northern Edge
February 24th- Green Frog
March 24th- Kelly’s

We are still looking for a volunteer to set-up a CCASC web page. Anyone interested?

Club dues are DUE! Peggy sent these out to clubs on June 5. So far only 5 clubs have paid. Still need dues from Cambria, Rocky Run, Doylestown, Winnebago, and Randolph. We also need updated information for clubs including officers, trail keepers, and delegates.

Club News and Events-

Fall Bash- Columbus/Fall River October 16th at the Bowling Alley in Columbus. There will be tickets for the auction to sell. A live auction will be held. Harley Woodard will be up for auction to do as you please with him. ?

Golf Fling- Arlington Prairie Drifters October 22nd $60 per couple for tickets. Greg has tickets.

Next meeting- September 23rd at Sidetracked on Hwy 16 between Portage and Wisconsin Dells

MMSP to adjourn
Respectfully submitted- Katie Dolato (CCASC secretary)

Published: September 7th, 2010
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