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CCASC MEETING November 20, 2014 Kelly’s Bar The meeting was called to order by President Gary Tupper with nine clubs present, New Haven was absent. Secretary’s report was read. Peggy made a correction stating that she would be on the map committee only to proof the map like she did last year. MMSP to approve the secretary’s report with the above correction. MMSP to approve the treasurer’s report with an ending balance of $5301.71. Director’s report- Turn your memberships in as quickly as possible. This is very important as clubs can be held liable if a member dies as a result of an accident and the membership is not turned in making the ADD life insurance policy not in place. Ed Klem was a guest speaker at workshop. He spoke of how much snowmobiling is growing around the world. Russia is the fastest growing in regard to the number of sleds. He noted that it costs $300 to register a sled in Quebec for the season and a seven day pass is $200, so in perspective, our new WI Trail Pass fee is a bargain. The Lake States Alliance will probably dissolve in the spring. There will be no club assistant raffle this year, but there is a raffle that will be drawn in March at Convention. Tickets are $100, with the top prize being $10,000. Rosters can be done online and can be paid online if your club has a credit card. Macy Wasson from Marquette Co is the new Miss Snowflake. The Underdahl family from our county was chosen as Family of the Year. There are going to be a total of seven scholarships available ranging from $500 to $1500. All applications need to be postmarked by February 2, 2015. One will be for someone doing continuing education and the rest are for high school seniors. The Kaos group is also doing one. Join a Club posters are available- see John to get as many as you want. Get them out in as many spots as you can. County Liaison report-All county contracts are in. Emergency contacts are needed yet for New Haven. If there is any new land use agreements needed please get in touch with Harley. He is also looking for club insurance policies. No Youth report Old Business-The hospitality room was a success. We had good donations from our clubs and area business. We had many good comments on our room and how many people we had available to help. We did have some extra food and alcohol. We made a donation to the food pantry with some of the food and will save some stuff for the Christmas party next month. Thank you notes were sent out to everyone that donated something. We made a profit of $947. Our group was asked to do a hospitality room at Convention in Lake Geneva but we declined as it is too soon and too far away for our group. Map committee- We decided to keep the same price as last year which was $100 for two years. Dane County is going to be working with a printer in Appleton- discussion was held on if we wanted to look into moving to a different printer or staying with Kramer Printing. We decided to stick with Kramer as it is closer to us and easy to work with. Will need to question them as if there is a discount available if we let them put Map printed by Kramer Printing on the maps. If a discount is available, we should do this. Gary will be on the committee again- please bring back to your clubs to get more people to join the committee. Gary, Destiny and John would like to attend everyone’s club meetings. If you get the dates, times and locations of your meetings to Joyce she will put that info on the county website. New Business-Cambria no longer has a webpage- they only have a Facebook page. Please check the website to verify that that your club’s contact info is correct. See Joyce if there are any changes. A motion was made for CCASC to purchase a$100 AWSC raffle ticket. The motion was amended to state to purchase a ticket and if we would win any cash prizes they would be deposited into our checking account and if any non cash prizes were won they would be raffled off. MMSP to approve. Christmas Party will be at the next meeting at Johnson Sales. We will do the meeting at 6:30 and then party afterwards. Please bring finger foods and desserts. CCASC will provide mini wieners, meatballs and drinks. We have a few prizes to raffle off on the paddle wheel. We will also be collecting donations for the food pantry. December 14th is the earliest we can put trails in. If there are any trails that would be closed for the Holiday Hunt please update Greg at that time so that he can update the hotline recording. Upcoming events-Gary has raffle tickets and tickets available for the Easter Seals Winter Blast at the Red Mouse in Cross Plains. Sam Landes will be putting a ride together starting at Spring Field Corners and ending at the Blast. Doylestown Pancake Breakfast at Casino on January 25 serving from 8:30 to 12:30 Rocky Run Chili Supper will be held at Wyocena Bar on February 7 and their Pancake Breakfast will be on February 8 at Pardeeville High School serving from 8 to 12. Yellow Thunder Bon Fire will be held the first weekend the trails are open. Columbus Fall River Snobolazers White Elephant Sale will be held at Kelly’s bar on January 27th. Meeting at 7:30 with chili and the sale held after the meeting. Winnebago Ridge Runners thanks everyone who purchased candy during their sale. Next meeting to be held on December 18th at Johnson Sales (Christmas Party). MMSP to adjourn the meeting. Respectfully submitted by Norri Brozek.
Published: November 28th, 2014
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