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Wrr Sept Meeting
At The Last Meeting: • Map advertisements are due by the October County Meeting (10/22) • This year every sled must have a trail pass, to save $20 you must use your club member # and your membership must be current with the AWSC. You can mail, call or go online to purchase your passes. For more information visit the AWSC website. • September 24th is the next county meeting, at Mojo's, 129 W. Edgewater, Cambria 920-348-6100 at 7:30pm • October 24th will be the grass drags • The groomer is leaking again and will be looked at • Nut orders are out. There will be NO leftovers this year. Order forms must be returned by October 24th (at the grass drags). Contact Sue if you still need an order form. • The next meeting will be held October 5th at 7:30pm at the groomer shed.
Published: October 8th, 2015
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