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Ccasc Oct Meeting
CCASC MEETING October 22, 2015 Thirsty Moose The meeting was called to order by President Gary Tupper with seven clubs present. Camper Country, New Haven and Rocky Run were absent. MMSP to approve the secretary’s report as read. MMSP to approve the treasurer’s report with a balance of $10,627.98. Doylestown’s dues are still outstanding. AWSC Report- Reminder on workshop in Appleton next weekend. Donna is still looking for donations for the silent auction. If you have something to donate please get it to John, Deb or Gary as they are all planning on attending workshop. ACSA raffle calendars will be available- John will get some at workshop. The AWSC will also be doing a raffle again- just like last year. Tickets will be $100 ea. Sue Hamilton will be leaving the AWSC at th3e end of November. Roughly 11,000 trail passes have been sold through the AWSC office so far. Sam Landes wrote a letter to the editor to put into local papers regarding the trail pass. COLUMBIA COUINTY- packets should be available next meeting. OLD BUSINESS- Gregg priced out a good size ad in the newspaper- it would be roughly $700. Group decided it wasn’t worth it and to keep getting the word out via website, Facebook and posters at area pit stops. There is also a good article in the Snowgoer magazine on memberships. Reminder to make sure to get memberships turned into AWSC promptly. Map ad sales are going good. There are not many spots left on the map. Peggy will send an email out with the final deadline date. Last time we ordered 10,000 maps for about $5800. Peggy is in contact with Kramer regarding changes to the map. NEW BUSINESS- Portage will be having a safety class the first and second weeks in December. It will be held at the Rod and Gun Club in Portage. Yellow Thunder will be having a class on the first and second Tuesday and Thursday in December with the final class being held on the following Saturday. Sign up as soon as possible as class size is limited. Class will be held at the EMS building in Lodi. Christmas party will be held at Johnson Sales. The county will furnish drinks and meat. Please bring a dish to pass. We will also be doing a food and dry good drive and donate to area food pantries. Try to challenge your clubs to donate as well. The AWSC is currently not taking a stand on snow bikes, but a conversation is being started. A snow bike does not fit the definition of a snowmobile. Columbus Fall River Snoblazers has a new website. Make sure to inventory all bridges- need pictures, GPS locations, measurements, etc. The DNR could cut funding if they don’t have information. Get the information to Pam at the DNR. So far all the requests for this information have been verbal requests, nothing in writing. Also, a good idea to have it for insurance purposes. CLUB ANNOUNCEMENTS- Winnebago Ridge Runners grass drags is 10-24-15. They are also doing their candy and nut sales. Orders will be in before next month’s CCASC meeting. Doylestown Pancake Breakfast will be the last Sunday in January at the Casino. MMSP to adjourn the meeting. Next meeting will be November 19, 2015 at Smoke on the Water in Lodi. Respectfully submitted, Norri Brozek
Published: November 26th, 2015
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